Contactless Telematics

We aspire to help you mitigate the challenges of COVID-19 situation and aim to support Social distancing, which is the most crucial intervention for our survival. Starting today, our Telematics SDK will be available with no upfront cost and only with the monthly subscription fee of as low as 2 USD per user per month.

Our solution is available for any Software developers, Integrators, Telematics providers, Startups, Urban Transportation, Logistics, Telcos, insurance companies, and other businesses across the world that use or want to use telematics to run their businesses.

Our solution helps businesses to monitor
assets and drivers to be efficient and safe on the roads.

Contactless telematics

Our contribution

As a contribution to society and businesses, Raxel provides contactless telematics to all businesses around the world and decided to waive-off the license fee and reduce subscription fee till the end of the year.

License Fee


Available until end of 2020

Subscription Fee


Per active user per month.

Use-case scenarios

Get access to mobile GPS tracker, Driving behavior and powerful insights of telematics data to build your own vehicle log book app, mileage tracker, insurance app, trip log app, vehicle logger, rewarding app, market research app, fleet monitoring app, and many other data-driven products

  • Location data
  • Distracted driving
  • Speed violation
  • Driving behaviours
  • Vehicle utilization
  • Covered distance
  • Trips details
  • Visited places
  • Traveled time
  • Geo-Analysis

Unique features of Raxel's Mobile Telematics:

Contactless solution

No need to install any device in your vehicle. Just download our mobile application that will record all trips automatically. No personal contact with our staff. Everything can be set up over the internet.

NO Hardware devices

Our technology turns drivers’ smartphones into a telematics data source that collects accurate telematics data. No need to purchase any additional hardware.

No CAPEX or any upfront costs

Get our telematics solution without any licensing fee and pay just 2 USD monthly subscription fee per user.

Embedded solution

Our simple SDK can be installed in any mobile applications and takes <40 min to get started.

Robust monitoring solution

The location details and driving behavior can be monitored on a real-time basis via a web-portal or other 3rd party platforms. Our solution also supports advanced reporting e.g., incidences.

How to it works

If you want to build your own telematics app


Register your account in our platform and create a project to get credentials


Add Telematics SDK into your existing or future smartphone application


Publish the smartphone App and work with data either via DataHub or your platform

Try our Demo app

Download ZenRoad app

Download our test Telematics app which shows all cases and the features of our SDK and platform to monitor efficiency, location and driving behavior of your fleet, customers, and employees

Location tracking


Telematics SDK

The libriary for both mobile platforms (Android, iOS) which leverages smartphone capabilities to get location and behaviour data

Telematics app

Developer Portal

Getting things done is a process. We make the process of Telematics SDK implementation as simple as possible.

usage based insurance

Data Hub

The powerful web-portal to manage Telematics SDK, Work with telematics data amd reporting in one place.

Who can benefit?



Fleet & Logistics

Market research

Urban transport




Telematics data analysis

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