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How about integrating vehicle telematics into your insurance services in order to provide your customers with Smart Insurance? With Raxel Telematics, that is easier than you could imagine. Avail yourself of our telematics SDK and let us turn your existing app into a data-driven product in 5 hours or opt for a next-generation white-label telematics app developed within as little as 14 days.


Unlocks powerful insights

It’s time to be armed with data that will help you adapt to your clients’ needs. Lifestyle patterns and driver behavior analysis is only one of the many insights that our products offer.


Branded for you

Your customers need a sense of reliability that comes with your company’s name. As our existing insurance app is white-label, we can quickly customize it for your brand.


No development required

Gone are the days when you had to splurge on the development of a tracking app or whatever. Simply pick the feature set that works for you – we will take care of the rest.


Device-agnostic platform

It can work with literally everything, including vehicle trackers. Even if you launch a new solution in the future, you can rest assured that our telematics platform can be used with it.

Available Smart Insurance products

Mobile telematics is something that can make your company synonymous with advanced, efficient, and reasonably priced products. And we will turn this into a reality straight away. Be at the forefront of innovation in the insurance industry by making good use of:
on-demand insurance

On-demand insurance

Rely on game-changing telematics products and provide your customers with the highest level of flexibility in choosing insurance plans. Only when they need them. Period.

on-demand insurance

Pay how you drive (UBI)

Who wouldn’t want to get better rates? Let your customers qualify for them by driving less recklessly. Monitor their behaviors with insurance telematics and encourage safety on roads.

pay per km

Pay per km

It makes sense for low-mileage drivers to pay less in premiums than those who cover thousands of miles. Telematics will help you ensure rate fairness while acquiring low-risk customers.

rewarding and competitions

Incentive programs for drivers

Make your products more targeted with the help of telematics-inspired incentive programs for low-risk drivers. These programs can be easily implemented wherever in the world you operate.

Technology behind

Raxel Telematics is here to bring the ultimate power of telematics technologies for you and your customers. Take a closer look below to find out how you can benefit from this innovation.
telematics mobile sdk

Mobile Telematics SDK

With plenty of operational modes and a variety of development opportunities, our smartphone SDK transforms any app into a data-driven product in a split second.

white label app

White label telematics app

Are you sick of huge upfront development costs? So are we. Save thousands of dollars by using an existing Driving app as your SaaS solution and under your company’s name.


Mobile Telematics + iBeacon

The pinpoint accuracy of the on-duty trip record and data analysis is now available to you with iBeacon. When combined with SDK, this stand-alone device unlocks more tracking features.

telematics platform

Telematics platform only

Track, collect, and analyze insights using the top-of-the-line platform by Raxel Telematics. It is device-agnostic and can be used to process data from any source, including your GPS device.

What we do for insurance

Our mission is to make a difference in underwriting, risk prevention, and customer acquisition. We double down on helping organizations carry out these processes more effectively by dint of insurance telematics solutions, behaviour analytics and telematics scoring model. Besides that, we enable insurerance companies to come up with targeted products and skyrocket profitability.

Behaviour Analytics

Our technology is a breakthrough in driver behavior analysis. It allows you, as an insurer, to measure risks based on driving behaviours and lifestyle variations to reduce the overall risk level of your portfolio.

Behaviour analysis

Data that can be analyzed:

  • Driven Mileage
  • Annual mileage forecast
  • Time in motion/on duties
  • Time of driving (night, day, rush hours)
  • Rapid acceleration
  • Harsh braking
  • Speeding
  • Cornering
  • Driving style consistency
  • Distracted driving (incl. phone use while driving)
  • Phone model
  • Mode of car usage
  • Vehicle utilization
  • POI
  • Type of transport
  • Road accidents

Risk Management

Data from vehicle tracking systems can be pointless unless you use it right. We will help you process all insights so that you can keep down customer acquisition and renewal costs while establishing well-targeted communication.

Telematics risk model

Upgrade your analytics capabilities with telematics scoring that boasts the highest predictive value. It allows you to determine the 10%-segment of the most responsible customers who yield 25 times less in your loss amount than 10% of the least responsible ones. What’s more, those drivers who use telematics are reported to be 47% less loss-making than other drivers.
Telematics driver portfolio

Behavior modification

Telematics has already done its bit for driving behavior modification, yet many find it hard to get used to the groundbreaking technology. At Raxel Telematics, we believe that our mobile solutions, coupled with incentive programs and backed up with effective communication, can facilitate the transition process for your customers and encourage long-term progress.
Behaviour modification, behaviour management

Value added services

What sets our technologies apart from run-of-the-mill GPS mobile trackers and behavior analysis tools is that Raxel Telematics brings value to your services. We assist you in developing customer-oriented insurance products, managing risks, and modifying driving patterns with the help of driver reward programs and advanced communication channels.

  • Eco-Driving
  • Customer acquisition
  • Community & Parental control
  • Rewarding & Competitions
  • Claims verification
  • Life-style analysis​

What makes us different

No other company can offer you such a tremendous range of data-driven opportunities as Raxel Telematics does. We empower you to leverage innovation, develop smart insurance products, and boost your market share. Here’s what stands behind our capabilities:

Telematics Background

We boast solid experience not only in producing vehicle telematics solutions, but also engineering, data science, and platform development, among others.



So far, our team has successfully launched many telematics projects all over the world, including the U.S., Russia, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Ukraine, Japan, and India.


Access to Knowleage

We believe that expert assistance is the key to breakthrough improvements. That is why Raxel Telematics works in close R&D collaboration with the world’s leading universities.

Source code


Technological times call for technologically advanced measures. Fortunately, our IoT analytics platform and mobile telematics systems have the leading edge.

Our Clients say

Tokio Marine

Benito Marble

TokioMarine Asia, VP New opportunities

We believe your solution will give us a competitive edge while increasing number of new customers and increase a market penetration especially in Asia

Bill OConnell, NTUC Income

Bill O'Connell


UBI schemes will revolutionize Singapore's motor insurance and influence its future market landscape. We are happy to be in the forefront of this innovation in partnership with Raxel Telematics and its expertise and experience in this field.

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