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How smartphone transforms transportation business

Smartphones are enormously powerful at collecting real-time data, especially in a moving car, as a range of sensors picks up a constant stream of information. Businesses that can unlock the power of data have an advantage over those that are stuck in analog. 

Use Smartphone Telematics SDK in driving-based and tracking apps to get to know your drivers and ground staff better, and see how you can serve them with new products and services. In the urban transportation market, for example (such as taxi, ride-sharing, fleets, rentals and delivery), smartphone telematics device data could help plan more accurate routes, improve the customer experience, driver safety, and a whole set of other improvements. Mobile Telematics SDK are also useful at helping drivers improve behaviors on the road, reduce aggressive and distracted driving, and overall reduce the risk of road accidents. 

Vehicles don’t come with a black box or on-board devices (OBD), as these have to be installed via a third-party or find instructions on how to install; whereas almost everyone has a smartphone, which also acts as a GPS tracker, and when the user is in the car, the smartphone movement is fully synchronised with the movement of the car. And these phones travel everywhere with people, making them the most useful way to collect real-time driving data, and other pieces of valuable information that companies can use for a range of purposes.

Whether you are in the urban transportation, operate a fleet, provide market research services, have a transport-based rewards platform, or are in the insurance sector, this data will provide valuable insights about how your customers or users drive. Mobile Telematics SDK is the most effective way to collect powerful telematics data insights for any safe driver, young driver, good driver, or any tracking app.

Telematics app to track driving behaviours​

Why companies benefit from collecting telematics data insights? 

When a company decides they want to unlock new data insights from drivers, developers can quickly and easily install Smartphone Telematics SDK into any app that runs in the background when a customer or user is driving, without any action from the user. Auto-Start and Auto-Stop features make our solution more effective, unlike other mobile solutions that require drivers to remember to take action. The exciting part is what happens when companies start collecting this data
Businesses such as food delivery, ride-sharing, insurance, and courier firms (of which there is an ever-growing number, thanks to eCommerce) can benefit from the data-driven insights Telematics SDK can collect when users are driving around. Here are four ways companies can benefit from the telematics data being collected:

  • Record trips. Whether you have 10 drivers or 100, or insure millions of drivers, telematics data from a mobile SDK records where everyone is in real-time, measuring when a trip starts and finishes, along with the route taken, without any action from the user. 
  • Location monitoring. Depending on the service you provide, real-time location monitoring could provide invaluable insights. Companies tracking location-based data would need to tell customers first, and give them the option to opt-out, especially in countries and regions where data protection laws are focused around protecting the customer.
    With flexible settings, location information could be monitored centrally through fleet management systems that companies are already using, or by other users, such as friends and family wanting to make sure loved ones are safe when driving. There are a wide range of potential use cases when it comes to Telematics SDK implementation in tracking apps.
  • Smartphone Telematics SDK alerts and actions (location-based). With Telematics SDK, an app user would arrive at an airport, for example, which could trigger an alert to buy travel insurance or currency. A delivery driver could arrive with a parcel or fast food order, therefore triggering an alert in an operations center that they are ready to move on with the next order. 
  • Event-based alerts. Developers can pre-set a series of settings and alerts depending on driver actions and activities. Actions such as consistent speeding, taking longer routes (and therefore using more company fuel) could be recorded. Even in the event of an accident, a control center can be alerted immediately to help a driver. 
    Unlike traditional solutions, there is no need to worry about and go through the cost of installing hardware devices. Smartphone Telematics SDK is fully automated, it runs in the background of a tracking app while collecting data from up to 16 sensors, without draining a users battery.

    High-frequency and high-quality data is the net result, without users having to do anything other than download your app and accept the terms. It collects data in the background, keeping a clear record of when journey’s start and finish, and other activities such as speeding and being involved in an accident.

How does Telematics SDK compare to other solutions?

  • More convenient than a black box or on-board devices (OBD). No need for customers or third-party providers to worry about servicing, replacing, and other overheads. Paying a subscription for a technology solution is far more cost-effective than a physical device installed in a vehicle. 
  • More advanced than traditional devices. Smartphones are getting smarter. Whereas, traditional telematics hardware devices are falling behind and can’t collect as much data, making them less useful and relevant. 
  • Cost-effective. Even with other software and code-based solutions on the market, Raxel makes more affordable solutions for a wider range of industries, from the urban transportation industry, to insurance to fleet management.
  • Enhanced flexibility. With Mobile Telematics SDK solution, companies can send data direct to third-party platforms to ensure new data insights are integrated into existing streams of information. Companies also have the option for the data to go directly to our Raxel platform, which comes with our BI tool, powerful reports and an API that can integrate with other systems and solutions.

For businesses that install Smartphone Telematics SDK into apps, the really exciting part comes when an influx of new data is collected and analysed. Gain a much clearer understanding of your customers, how they drive, when they drive, and use these insights to serve them more effectively. Unlock the power of this data to improve existing products and services, and create new ones.

Data-driven insights are being used around the world to innovate. You don’t need to be Uber, Airbnb, WeWork, or Netflix to generate new revenue from customer data; with Telematics SDK, you can gain the insights you need to stay innovative and get ahead of the competition. 

Read more how we help companies to turn any mobile apps intro telematics application for on-demand mobility, transportation or insurance companies

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