Telematics SDK - Embedded solutions for app developers

Telematics SDK
powers telematics inside mobile apps

We have created it for developers. Follow the simple guideline and get Telematics SDK installed. The SDK works as a Behaviour tracker as well as realtime GPS tracker.

We reduce time to market from a couple of years to a day and reduce R&D and development cost on creating tracking and safe driving apps by 90%

Smartphone Telematics SDK

Features of Telematics SDK


Fully autonomus

It works independently inside the app in background mode activated whenever a user starts driving.

battery life

Low battery drain

Less than 6% - is our typical daily battery consumption level. We use Multi-sensor data evaluations to minimal reliance on GPS

driving behaviours

Self launch

The telematics engine automatically detects start of a trip and activate trip recording without user

phone sensors

Multi-sensors access

A modern phone contains more than 16 sensors . We carefully collect rich data set in order to provide industries with powerful insights

data flow

Accurate data set

Academic researchers find smartphones capture around 98% of driving infractions detected by black box or on-board devices (OBD)

smart FNOL

Accident detections

Push customer experience to the next level by combining mobile telematics data with context data and FNOL process. Launch new emergency services.

Telematics SDK operational modes

smart routing

Trips recording

We capture high frequency telematics data set, and do first computing and data squeezing on a smartphone side. Recorded data is transmitted to the platform once a trip is done.

on-demand insurance

Realtime location​

Mobile telematics SDK supports realtime data transmission for vehicle and family members monitoring. Flexible settings enables to get data as often as you want

Location based services

Event-based activity

Set an event of accident, speeding, and other events as a trigger, Telematics SDK analyze ongoing activities in background mode and call to action whenever triggered event occurred.

Life-style analysis

Location-based activities

Send a notification when your customer reached a certain location, i.e. sell travel insurance when your customer in the Airport, or stay informed once your driver delivered a parcel to a certain location.

Telematics for scooters

Options to start tracking

Automatic start
automatic start

Automatic start and stop

Mobile telematics SDK analyses sensor and environment data to accurately detect the start of the trip and its finish. Users don’t need to interact with a smartphone app. it works in fully automatic mode.


BT iBeacon/ BT OBD

A small bluetooth low energy device that used to trigger a start and stop of tracking. a combination of technologies enables to collect on duty trips data only and data from a particular car.


By event/ schedule/ Call​

Call a realtime location or a start and stop of tracking remotely when you need it. Set rules in your app or back-end to get data when your customers do certain activities.​

Operation modes

Behavior tracker

Live GPS tracker

Unlimited opportunities
for product development
with Mobile Telematics

Covered distance & Traveled time


Realtime location data


Trips details &
Life-style data

Driving style analysis

Risk assessment models

Visited places
(Points of interest)

Realtime speeding notifications

Who benefits from
Telematics SDK

Understanding real-time data helps drivers comply with road safety requirements and improve their driving style. They can also reduce accident risk scores by following the safe driving tips featured by our applications.

Our driving telematics solutions are also useful for organizations. We have provided data backing for:

Urban transport





Telematics providers

Market research


Fleet platforms




Telematics data analysis


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