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What we do

We provide transportation and smart mobility companies with a wide range of solutions to help them to fight the existing challenges and improve their efficiency.

Features & Benefits

Software unlocks powerful opportunities for urban transportation companies. Be aware of your assets and employees with no hassle


Location & Driving behaviour data.

The data directly affects the efficiency, safety of the driver, vehicle and other road users. With our knowledge and expertise in mobile telematics, we built a robust solution

safe driving

Reduced cost & Highly accurate

Smartphone-based telematics has a lot of great benefits, ensuring almost 98% accuracy, alongside using them as a data source being 70% cheaper than standard hardware telematics.

Telematics data


You will be surprised how many insights are hidden behind telematics data. Our reporting center and BI tools unlock it and make it available for you

Android tracker
Embedded telematics


Our Telematics SDK helps you to make your app into a data-driven product. Installation takes < 40 minutes, and then you will be up and running, with a full suite of statistics of drivers & vehicles

Telematics claims

in background

Our telematics solution doesn't depend on the parent app. It runs in the background and starts recording every journey, and even sync with other devices in a vehicle.

Fleet management system

Point data to
your platform

Mobile telematics turns your driver's smartphone into a cost-efficient source of telematics data. All you need is to install telematics app. Then, points this data to your fleet management system or dispatch service.


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Driving SDK


Telematics library that change a way how transportation companies work. Cutting-edge technology turns a driver smartphone into telematics device. Deviceless and contactless telematics available for everyone.

Telematics API


Our Telematics SDK surrounded by value-added complimentary services that are available via API. Use these services to manage your fleet as well as to make your app more powerful. More services are coming soon

realtime location tracking


We aim to build an ecosystem for companies operated in smart mobility. Our game-changing technology helps them to disrupt the transportation market and make it more effective and safe.

Benefits for stakeholders

Smartphone telematics creates a value on each stage for all participants. it improves an asset utilisation, company efficiency and generates value for end-users – drivers and ground employees


Business owner

Driver tracking

& Manager



What makes us different from others

Legacy telematics is a showstopper of adopting innovations in transportation domain. Even minor modifications may require a change in the circuitry of the equipment that makes hardware telematics upgrade almost impossible without purchasing new device. Mobile telematics changes the situation:

Tablet for trucks

70% Cheaper than hardware telematics

Do you know you can reduce your telematics cost by 70%? Mobile telematics doesn’t require any hardware device in your vehicle. so that you don’t have associated costs like m2m, installation, logistics, etc.

Easy to upgrade

Software gives unbelievable flexibility to the modern world and unlocks powerful opportunities to always be at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies. It takes seconds to change settings on SDK or get new features.

Advanced analytics and AI models

Get access to your telematics data via modern business intelligence tools. build your own scoring and AI models, heat maps, and other insights to improve your business efficiency.

Universal tracker

Use Telematics SDK as a single tracker for all your units incuding all type of vehicles, scooters, bikes as well as ground staff.

Easy to manage

Mobile telematics allows quickly tune your product. forget about engines and months to change any single item. we provide a user-friendly portal where you can setup your product in less than 10 seconds.

Virtual device

To make your life easy the SDK transmit data in a format like your hardware device. so, you don’t need to change anything in your system. just replace a telematics device with a mobile app and use your existing systems as usual.

More accurate data

A comparison of the technical characteristics of black boxes and smartphones reveals a number of clear advantages that the smartphone has. The lates Android and iOS devices have grater processing power, memory and quality of sensors than the latest hardware telematics.

Embedded telematics

Add telematics to your employee work tool application. Make it more interactive by giving an instant feedback, showing driving behaviour statistics and key performance indicators like mileage driven, time of driving, etc. get this data directly from Telematics SDK.

Automatically collects data in background

User doesn’t need to keep the app open. SDK is adopted to work in background and automatically detects and recognises different type of activities to provide our clients with valuable information.

Unique features

Smartphone telematics brings unlimited opportunities for product and features development. We working hard on bringing new features to our SDK and all of them become available for you complimentary

Advanced analytics

Create your own reports and select delivery options with our BI tool. Segment and analyze your fleet portfolio to improve an efficiency via transparency and AI models. Our collaboration with Global universities in combination with our experience and technology unlocks powerful insights of telematics data. we provide access to processed data via BI tools.

High data quality

To be able properly detect events your smartphone should collect at least 15hz accelerometer data. Our SDK captures accelerometer data with a frequency up to 60hz (60 times per second) that allows us to detect events with a high accuracy.

Embedded telematics

Our telematics technology distributes either as a standalone mobile application or Telematics SDK. SDK is like a plugin that you can add to your existing mobile app. 40 min for integration and realtime location and big data get your company efficiency to the next level

Open architecture

Send data from SDK directly to your platform for usage. split data flows between different end points. forward realtime location to your Fleet platform, Driving behaviour to Raxel and online events to your dispatch center. Explore unlimited opportunities.

Low battery drain

Less than 6% – is our typical daily battery consumption level. We use Multi-sensor data evaluations to minimal reliance on GPS

Rich data set

A modern smartphone has more that 10 sensors. At Raxel we remotely manage an accuracy of collected data as well as a list os sensors to record data for further analysis.

API-driven Services

Smartphone telematics creates a value on each stage for all participants. it improves an asset utilisation, company efficiency and generates value for end-users – drivers and ground employees

User statistics

Simply get detailed information about your users' scorings, trips, driving behavior and much more via our API.


Our joint researches with universities show that leaderboard and gaming tools improve driving behavior, driver efficiency, and overall employee engagement.

Safe Driving score

Our advanced risk driving scoring model is used by many insurance and transportation companies. Built on real claims data, it uses event context as well.


Keep and manage all information about customers' vehicles (including allowed primary and secondary drivers) and documents (driving license, insurance policy etc.) in one place.

User service

Create and manage all information about your users and drivers in one place. Create a new one, deactivate, delete, update and use it as a standalone backend service for your own app.

Eco-Driving score

We know how driving behaviours impact on vehicle utilization cost. Not only when you drive agressively you spend more fuel, but types and brakes as well.

Coming soon

We work hard to bring more value-added services that make life of our clients more innovative and productive. GeoFencing, Time of arrival, AI & Predictive models are coming soon


We build technology that helps our partners change the World. Create your own products for transportation and mobility space and develop our eco-system

Smart fleet

Smart Fleet

Digital alternative of OBD dongle. The product helps to monitor driving behaviour, get access to trip log with details analysis, etc.

GPS tracking


Family Location Tracker. Always know the exact location of your family members and friend.


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