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Can Telematics Step Out of the Vehicle and Into Your Customer’s Hands?

First, what is a telematics SDK? An SDK is software development kit and it allows companies to tailor telematics solutions for specific mobile apps.

It’s no secret. We live in a world where smartphone app usage is increasing among every single age group. However, as the competition for smartphone apps to find a home on the handheld screens across the globe, the concern of having too many apps has given rise to a growing trend towards unified and integrated apps – due to the high cost to promote and support multiple apps and the challenge to ensure a consistent, engaging experience across more than one app

To say it bluntly, a new app is not going to make your customers happy and it may even turn them away. But you do know, the happier your customers are the better and more profitable your business is going to be.

One way of keeping your business and current apps alive by improving your customers’ experiences is with a telematics SDK. Telematics and customer service go hand in hand and not only help you to enhance your customer service but also to drive profits even if you are not in the transportation industry.

How Telematics Can Help Businesses Offer Superior Customer Service

First, what is a telematics SDK? An SDK is a software development kit and it allows companies to tailor telematics solutions for mobile apps. Bring it alive with customer experiences based on how they behave, not just what they say they do. Think of how Pokémon Go brings location-based interaction, we are bringing these types of services to businesses.

Primarily, telematics has been using GPS and mobile devices to send and receive information that helps control remote objects in the automotive and insurance industry. We are at the crossroads of expanding beyond automotive and adapting to change to keeping customers for all industries happy.

One area of keeping customers happy is getting them what they need, when they need it. Implementing telematics into your business is a great way of achieving this and to build your customer loyalty.

All successful companies have certain things in common and we’ve just started to scrape the surface with telematics. Some of them are:

Deliver relevant products at the moment and place when customers really need it

Think of the limitations with traditional travel insurance when an thrill seeking customer reaches airport set to go on a scuba trip but could be on a high-speed vehicle in no time. Telematics allows a future for customers to “Pay As You Live” which respond to the impending need for personalised products customers are calling out for. 

Delivering products and services on time.

Imagine providing alternative transport immediately following a customer’s fender bender in a car parking lot while simultaneously towing the vehicle straight to the shop. Your customer will have one less worry and get to the next meeting on time.

The staff can focus on communicating with customers with real time data.

Financial services will have the opportunity and context to give answers to customers in need vs. reading a script of questions to troubleshoot which causes even more frustration on the customer.

Being able to solve customers’ problems quickly.

It’s not rocket science, but still, businesses get this wrong.

All of the above can be achieved by integrating a telematics SDK into your app to help with your internal & external customer service needs.

Companies Can Track Their Vehicles

With telematics business owners can keep an eye on their company cars to ensure that the expenses and taxes are kept to a minimum while providing incentives for good driving employees. Some of the company car tax is based on the CO2 emissions of a car, something we know we can curb with eco-driving.

Previously you had to purchase and install expensive devices and come up with a larger budget for telecommunications to handle your company transportation needs. Now, you can turn your smartphone or company’s HR app intro telematics device.

Implementing Telematics into Business Means Staff Have More Time for Customers

By combining telematics and customers service staff have more time for customers. Implementing customer service software on websites allows customers access in real-time to talk over issues and problems with your customer service team. While a telematics SDK tailored for your business allows customers to be given up to date information about where their delivery is and where the deals and money saving opportunities are near them, there may be a time when the customer wants to speak with a member of your team.

Integrating live chat software alongside telematics allows members of the customer service team to focus on customer communication with data your team needs right in front of them. It also allows customer service to be able to deal efficiently and quickly with queries and problems customers have that technology is unable to give them answers to.

A telematics SDK and customer service technology go hand in hand to improve your customer experience and give your employees the data they need to have a pleasurable experience on both sides through advanced reporting

While the focus here has been on using telematics to improve delivery of goods, a telematics SDK is so flexible it can be implemented into many different types of business and in many different areas, not just delivery of goods. It can be used to good effect to improve customer relations in many areas of your business.

Adding our SDK is quite simple, just send me a message to get more about partnership

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