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What Mobile telematics from Raxel is about

We remove technological and financial barriers to digitize transportation business. Our embedded SaaS solutions allow managers to track all transportation assets and employees with a single data source.

Behavior tracker

Live tracker

API services

Build a new app with our set of SDK & APIs

We leverage smartphone capabilities to collect location, behavior, and vehicle data. Our technologies are wrapped into a single Telematics SDK which is backed by a device-agnostic mobility platform and APIs. This robust solution enables our partners and clients to develop various data-driven products as well as disrupt the existing markets by providing innovative services at a reduced price. Our DataHub – front-end of the platform provides SDK and Telematics APP management capabilities as well as telematics data insights.

Smart transportation, smart cities, and usage-based insurance all rely on data smartphone telematics data collection. Even if the business vertical, reliable data is vital for assessing performance, measuring effectiveness, and calculating potential returns. Our solution provide access to location, driving behaviour and vehicle data for companies around the world.

Telematics for scooters

Behavior tracker

Live tracker

API Services

What makes our solutions special and different

Telematics SDK is a single solution across all vehicles, and delivery staff reduces cost for monitoring by 70% and provides sustainable and reliable data for transportation digitalization. We enable developers to boost product development by providing easy to integrate solutions. It takes less than 40 min to turn any apps into a GPS tracking and behavior tracking app.

40 minutes to complete the integration

You get access to data at any stage






Easy to work

Solutions for your business

Telematics SDK

Turn your app into telematics device and collect location and behaviour data

Telematics SDK & Bluetooth OBD

Get access to Vehicle data and transfer it to your server via driver's smartphone

White-label telematics app

Launch your data-driven business from scratch in less than 10 days

Fleet management system

Predictive models & Geo-analytics

We make sense of telematics data and unlock powerful insights

Telematics app to track driving behaviours​

Capabilities of Mobility platform

Mobile Telematics is a cutting-edge technology based on more than just telecommunication and information. It uses GPS and mobile phone sensors to collect data about driver behavior, location patterns, and apply it to urban transportation, insurance, fleet logistics, automotive, and other market verticals. This information helps analyze crucial metrics like locations, geo zones, driving style, performance, and points of interest. Advanced vehicle telematics from Raxel Telematics is made for both individuals and organizations, helping them manage data like fleet performance, utilization cost, and driving quality, as well as user telematics like preferences, lifestyle, and points of interest. Our mobility platform unlocks access to powerful data:


Covered distance & Traveled time




Visited places

(points of interest)


Realtime location & Speed data

Device agnostic telematics platform

Accident detection & Verification


Driving & life


Trips details &
Life-style data



What makes us different
from other mobile telematics providers

At Raxel Telematics, we believe accurate real-time location and behavior data are the most important part of viable vehicular information. To stand out, we offer countless processing opportunities with revolutionary driving telematics solutions that enhance your ability to provide robust car insurance packages to your clients.

distracted driving

Telematics Background

We have years of experience in the information industry, using a vast array of functions like data science, engineering, and platform development.

smartphone telematics


We've completed telematics projects in Australia, Russia, Singapore, Indonesia, Ukraine, India, Japan, UAE, Malaysia, America.

cambridge mobile telematics


We employ an award-winning mobile telematics technology and mobility platform to collect, process and analyze telematics data

insurance telematics

Access to Knowleage

We have completed researches and development collaborations with leading universities, which grant us fuel for continuous innovation.

Our mobility platform unlocks
powerful insights of telematics data for businesses

At Raxel Telematics, we are centered around the idea that nothing is more important than accurate realtime location and behavior data. With this in mind, we offer you a world of new data processing opportunities opened up by our revolutionary driving telematics solutions. We provide white-label applications, device-agnostic telematics platforms, business interfaces, the Telematics SDK, all designed to equip you with the knowledge necessary to gain leverage over competitors.
Fleet routing

Smart transportation

You Still use hardware telematics devices in your business? turn your driver smartphone into reliable and accurate data source

free tracking app

Smart & digital insurance

Launch tailored pricing based on driving behaviours as well as pay-as-you-drive, micro-insurance products, and beyond

Telematics app

Data-Driven services

All our services available via API and SDK. You Have own data, but want to leverage it via existing services? it is easy. Just contact us

usage based insurance

R&D Collaboration

We are proud to partnership with global leading university and run a special program to support Academic studies

Telematics app to track driving behaviours​

Who benefits from
Mobile telematics technology

Understanding real-time data helps drivers comply with road safety requirements and improve their driving style. They can also reduce accident risk scores by following the safe driving tips featured by our applications.

Our driving telematics solutions are also useful for organizations. We have provided data backing for:

Urban transport



Fleet & Logistics


Telematics providers

Market research


Fleet platforms




Telematics data analysis

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