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Location tracking

open-source Telematics APP

for Transportation, Gig economy, Shared mobility, Insurance, and other use cases

We present our showroom – a module-platform to track location, driving behaviors, patterns, and vehicle data. ZenRoad app contains Mobile telematics SDK and powerful product features that make ZenRoad more advanced than any existing vehicle log book app, mileage tracker, insurance app, driving behaviour tracker, trip log app, vehicle logger, tracker app, driving app, app telematics, etc.

Bring you brand and get your telematics app

Mobile telematics SDK

Turn a smartphone into telematics device to collect behaviour data

User profile

A customer golden record enriched with social accounts and telematics

Trip log

A customer golden record enriched with social accounts and telematics

Claims management

Efficient workflow to file and manage claims

Profile management


Fully customised rewarding platform to manage and enhanve behaviors


Added-value services to run day-to-day interactions with customers

Quote & Payment

Integrations with 3rd party platforms for fintech and insurtech projects


Social elements to make an app attractive and powerful

Get the branded platform ready in 14 days
for Smart Transportation or Smart Insurance

White label telematics app

Module based telematics app for insurance companies to provide clients with a new experience. This solution perfectly fits the existing processes and sales as well as driving new digital sales channels and smart products.

Managing platform

A single platform to set rules, products and features. Use friendly web-interface to manage smart insurance, challenges, claims, community, user profile etc. Open API and integration with 3rd party is also available.

Mobile telematics SDK

Advanced smartphone telematics that unlock a new way of collaborating with customers. User telematics unlocks valuable knowledge of customer behaviours and preferences for life and health insurance.

Analytics portal and BI tools

We provide a solution to get insights from telematics data, get access to knowledge that you never had before. Vehicle telematics and User telematics in one single platform to better understand risk and opportunities

Why Zenroad?

Powerful insights

Our products has deep integrations with leading analytical & customer messaging platforms such as Amplitude, Appsflyer, Intercom, Mailchimp, and others in order to provide 360-degree customer view and tools to leverage that

No development required

ZenRoad's wide range feature set is the outcome of the deep industry expertise, Customer feedback, R&D Collaboration with Leading Universities and outcast work of our developers and data scientist. The app is ready to go to market under your brand

White label options

All our solutions are fully customisable and has proven UX design, So that we just white-label UI in accordance with your brand guidelines in order to give your customers a brand they already know. Let us know if you need a help with a brand

Module-based solution

Use selected services in your existing app. Your company has an app, but you want to rich it with "Mobile telematics" or other services, our team will assist you in embedding and activating available services.

Open API

We keep data and all services safe and secure and give access to only authorized applications. You can enjoy full access to a growing number of services via open API in order to utilize the existing services or to build your value-added services.

Globally available​

All our services available globally, including telematics. Multi-language support, platform agnostic as well as integrations with global and local map providers make our app almost unlimited to use around the world.

Claims management

Embedded workflow to run FNOL and Claims management. Grab data through open API and get it verified with driving telematics and location data to make your processes friendly and fraudless.


Make process of filing a claim seamless and friendly. Our digital assistant will help to do it without nervous

Accident verification

We keep historical trips data. Anytime You can get a prefilled report on events during a trip.

Claims status notification

Move the claims customer experience to the next level and keep your customer updated with the latest status

Customizable workflow

Setup the claims process in accordance with your requirements and customer journey

Algorithms to prevent fraud

We analyze behaviors and events around accident and FNOL. Suspicious events and patterns will be highlighted



To make the application alive we have added “Community” as a powerful social tool. It unlocks infinity opportunities for your customers to stay in contact with people who are important for them

Referrals & invitations

A tool to invite friends and acquaintance in order to participate in challenges and buy insurance.

Contact mapping

We analyze how people interact with each other to help you to prevent a fraud and be more targeted

Group management

Split all contacts by group in order to be very specific for product offer (peer-to-peer), challenges & other

Parental control

Embedded workflow to request/get permissions to have access to realtime location and speed analysis

Friends driving analysis

Feature to monitor driving style and compare behaviours among friends and family members

Mobile telematics

Smartphone telematics enables to leverage customer behaviors data in order to engage better motor insurance portfolio, build targeted communications with customers, cross-sell and up-sell based on customer preferences and needs as well as provide customers with a new experience of having smart insurance products like UBI, on-demand, contextual and other advanced insurance products

Automatic Start & Stop

Fully autonomus SDK to collect telematics data. All processes runs in background mode

Low battery drain

We use advanced algorithms to minimal reliance on GPS to have battery drain less than 6%

Behavior analytics

We analyze driving behavior patterns and calculate overall risk level as well as daily performance

Digital coach

AI Algorithms that provide drivers with tailored recommendations to give driving style safer

User&Vehicle telematics

Get access to life-style analysis as well as mode of car usage to better understand your customers


Other services

A wide range of features and services available as a standalone solution. Select services and 

User profile / KYC

Create a golden record of a user profile and enrich it with social accounts, documents and Advert ID

Quote & Payment

Push a tailored quote based on an individual risk level and collect payment​s

Competitions & Challenges

Engage your customers by regular interactions and manage a risk though challenges and competitions


Run a tailored rewarding scheme to manage behaviours and engage customers and drivers

Bring your own data

Connect your existing telematics projects to a single app to make a customer experience consistent

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